HAED Wishes

Someday in the future, I'd have these all stitched up and hanging on my walls. But first, I'd have to HAVE the patterns. Then I'd have to stitch them up. Sigh.... someday. 

People post their wishlists all the time... these are mine. :) I grabbed the pics from the HAED site. I'd rather you guys SEE what I want rather than read the titles. And by posting these up, I just realized... I have a certain theme going on.... GREEN. MAGIC. TREES. FANTASY.

Sigh... I LOVE. 

I'll be constantly going back to this as I want to see if I've gotten them or added to them :D

MY (ongoing) WISHLIST:

Jade Unicorn


Water Takes to Air


Aslan in Eden


Happily Ever After

Last Unicorn

Little Prince

Little Princess

Middle Earth

Light the Darkness


Sunshine Stitcher said...

Following you. Feel free to follow me if you like http://sunshine-stitcher.blogspot.com/.
Aleanna :)

Silje said...

We have totally different taste in patterns, but you have chosen some lovely ones to dream about and hopefully one day stitch.

Love the font you are using for the blog, do you happen to know which font it is??

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

Hi Silje. It's Calligraffiti. :) I found it pretty so I used it. I'm still groping my way around personalizing this blogh.

Hey Sunshine, I'll do that. Let me just cook dinner first. :D

Faerie said...

Gorgeous charts!

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

EEEee!!! I have 2 of these already! Bought myself Lady of the Forest by Sarah Butcher and Merlin's Temple. WHeeee!!!