3...2...1... LAUNCH!

I've done it!

Every so often I'd come upon a cross stitch pattern that I like and internally I'd say..."hmm... I think I can do that". And so... a dream was born. To be able to design my own cross stitch patterns.

And for the past few weeks... I've dabbled at it.

And finally, I've come up with at least 3 designs I figured are good enough to sell. (or at least I'm going to try to.. )

Come and look?


Current WIP as of July 23, 2012

My local group had a challenge... post a photo album of ALL your WIPs. (serial starters beware). This way, we figured, we'd actually SEE what we've started and not finished and hopefully, get the inspiration to finally finish them. :)

In my case... I got embarassed that I've YET to finish anything for this year so I have to settle in and move on them. Anyway... here they are... I have 6 WIPs...and 2 UFO's (My 2 HAEDs have been shoved into a box... QS Mermaid Treasure and The Chess Match). I'll bring them out when I'm retired... LOL!

The Little Prince

Holy Family (this is just St Joseph's head)


Lord is my Shepherd

Maroon Mermaid a.k.a. My Tabachingching

Fairy Idyll


Can dreams come true?

I've been toying with the idea of designing my own patterns... heck, I've always designed my own gowns. I've always doodled fairies and mermaids... ever since I was a young kid!

I wonder... why not combine all of them into just one activity?

Hence, my facebook page LAUGHING IN STITCHES was born.

My little dream? Someday, to be a published cross stitch designer in one of the stitchy magazines. And to be profitable enough (when I do decide to start selling my patterns) to sustain my stash collecting addiction.

Come "LIKE" my page? I'll keep adding my new designs little by little there as that's the place I want to sell them... I've only got 4 so far...

Am I dreaming too much or is it possible for my dreams to come true?