WIP on the Roses

I don't know what day it is... I think 2 weeks has passed and this is my only progress so far....
I now have 3 weeks to go before I need to have this framed for my mums birthday.

E@K Meet of Hearts

Yesterday, we had our post-valentines E@K Meet. As always, we had food and lots of fun. And yes, we had our EXCHANGE OF HEARTS. The assignment from last month was, to stitch something with a heart then finish it off as a product. It was a success! Some girls weren't able to finish but promised to complete them by next month so we placed their names in the drawing. Next months goal is to make hooplah's!

Here are some pics of yesterdays activities. 

By special request, Stitchpert Honey gave lessons to newbies in the group. 

Some of our heart exchanges.... frames, pincushions, door hangers, keychains, a bag and a bookmark.
There was  a small turn out...maybe because of the rainy weather recently. 

And yes... an E@K Meet is never complete without laughter.

Quelly, Kathie and Genn

Lucky Mamila got the pincushion I made. 

After the E@K Meet, my Panda and Genn rushed to Meralco theater to watch THE MAGIC OF JOHN WILLIAMS with abs-cbn's Philharmonic Orchestra. While walking up to the Meralco building, we passed a dead frog on the road. After 3 steps, Genn and I simultaneously stopped and turned back. It was the perfect photo op. Haha!

Only stitchers can understand the FUNNY in FROGS.
OSH stands for ONLINE STITCHING HOUR. Our little group has this weekly now. Where we post our current place in our projects, stitch madly, then post our projects every hour after that. Yes, we flood our group wall but it's fun. Makes us want to really make a dent into the patterns we're stitching up.
** Photo taken by Genn Delizo**

I'm so totally blessed having people who love the same things I do. Thank God for my local stitching club-- they keep me sane and happy as well as a loving and supportive Panda who's always there for me. 

My darling lovey Panda who's always there for me-- even if he doesn't know how to do a single stitch.



If you're like me and you stitch with a furbaby nearby... btw, that's my baby Dollar who sleeps next to me in bed. Where was I? Oh yes... stitching with a furbaby. Those of you who do this, know it's almost 99% sure you'll end up with strands of pet hair on your project or worse yet, inserted into your stitching.

From experience, I've come up with two solutions. And no... it does not mean banishing my baby to another room.

Why don't you try this.

Keep a scotch tape dispenser or a lint remover roll next to you at all times. Then all you have to do is regularly go across the top of your project area (especially the part where you're stitching) with the sticky papers--- and voila! It picks up your pet hairs.

IF you've already stitched hair into your projects... you can try pulling out strands of hair using tweezers. So yeah-- you'll need a magnifying glass and tweezers.

Maybe it may be too late (and you don't have the patience to go through your giant projects anymore). All you gotta do is think this way.... you're preserving your pets DNA for the future. hahaha.

At least this way, in future projects, you can prepare the lint remover or scotch tape when you stitch a new project.

Hope it helps! :)


Jackpot!! Seaside Kingdom

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This is actually my second Seaside Kingdom. I now have two... One for myself, and one which I'll probably sell or auction off in the future. As always, whatever I generate from auction or selling stash just goes to getting more stash.

Right now, I'm eyeing the Disney Dreams Collection.... I can't figure out which one I like best-- Peter Pan or the Little Mermaid....  I did see someone trying to make a Sleeping Beauty one but I don't like the faces. I do love Sleeping Beauty though. It's my favorite Disney cartoon of all time.

I never would've thought I'd be able to get one... let alone two Seasides... I guess what my friends call me is true-- I'm a natural hunter. Haha. I always joke about calling me Katniss, stash hunter.


E@K Meet January Post Christmas Celebration

(L-R: Me, Myla, Lara, Quelly and Kathie)
(photo taken by Yeya)

Oh yeah-- that's me... I almost always pull a funny whenever I catch a camera aimed at me.
(photo taken by Yeya)

Bonding and a little show & tell.
(photo taken by Yeya)

the lovely DMC staff giving us an update on their coming plans: a Stitchers Camp during the summer and a contest!
(photo taken by Yeya)

Our christmas raffle. All items donated from various stitchers. We all went home with something nice!
(photo taken by Yeya)

Gen showing off her cute Precious Moments finish.
(photo taken by Yeya)
More show and tell....

Some of you may be friends with this guy in the facebook groups... this is Richard Huang. :)

Yeya and Kathie going over someones stitching.

Group shot... we can't fit in the DMC store anymore!

Just some of the food that arrived.

All smiles. :)

WIP: Fairies in my garden

Last year, I saw the finished project of Fairies in my Garden in a cross stitch magazine (I don't remember which one). I was so enamored of it, that I set out on a hunt to get the book. Finally found it. 

It took me a handful of months to start it... actually, it was when I left all my other WIPs at the office and I was suffering withdrawal symptoms from stitching that I suddenly decided to start on this one finally. 

WIP: my tall witch

I know there's a huge jump.... I think I forgot to take pictures in between...

WIP: Cougar

Started this November 2012... I don't remember the exact date.
It's to be a gift to my Uncle Joe in San Francisco whose house has a South American theme going on.
According to him, he has a wooden carving of this very same cougar. :)

This is COUGAR by Sue Coleman.

WIP: Roses

I'm stitching this up for my mum :) Thought you'd like to see the magic as it happens....
started on: Jan 11, 2013
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
Day 4

Day 4: I got a leaf!!

Day 5: I got 3 leaves!

Day 6: I had to frog... *sniff*. Turns out I'e been stitching the wrong shade of green on the leaves so had to take it out and change to the correct shade. 
Day 7: a new bud and 2 more leaves....

How you doin?

It's been awhile since I posted. I know... I know. I should do it more often. I just get so caught up doing so many things.

I finally managed to get almost all the must-have patterns I want. Wahoo! Yes, I sort of emptied my bank on that one. But I'm happy so.... go figure. :)

With all my patterns collected, I've started shopping hand dyed fabrics. Man! They're expensivo!!! I bought 3 and decided, at this rate, I won't be able to afford watching movies or eat so I stopped there.... (I can still drool and have eye candy watching the sales going on in the facebook groups).

Here's my stash so far.... They're starting to look like a condominium towers being stacked up one after another. I sometimes just spend an afternoon sifting through them like Golum fondling the Ring.
"My precious.....". Having a blast and dreaming about them.

I've also been stitching up a storm... at least for me anyway. Way more than I did last year. Somehow, I've dwindled down in trading and stashing so I could concentrate more on stitching. 

I've narrowed my WIPs down to 5.... 
here they are at their current stage as Feb 17, 2013:
Fairies in my Garden by Joan Elliott

*no name yet* by yours truly

Fairy Idyll by Nora Corbett Adams, Mirabilia

Roses, Leisure Arts

Cougar by Sue Coleman

I'm doing my best to rotate on them on a regular basis but as of now... I'm focusing on the Roses. I've 1 month to finish it before my mums birthday.  So far... I noticed that majority of my works are given to other people... I've nothing on my walls so far except a little Joan Elliott I finished the other year.

Hoping I'd get to stitch for myself soon. But for now-- I enjoy stitching for my loved ones. The cougar is a request and will be a gift to my Uncle Joe. The Roses, as I said, for my mum. The rest-- are mind, hence slow going.