E@K Meet of Hearts

Yesterday, we had our post-valentines E@K Meet. As always, we had food and lots of fun. And yes, we had our EXCHANGE OF HEARTS. The assignment from last month was, to stitch something with a heart then finish it off as a product. It was a success! Some girls weren't able to finish but promised to complete them by next month so we placed their names in the drawing. Next months goal is to make hooplah's!

Here are some pics of yesterdays activities. 

By special request, Stitchpert Honey gave lessons to newbies in the group. 

Some of our heart exchanges.... frames, pincushions, door hangers, keychains, a bag and a bookmark.
There was  a small turn out...maybe because of the rainy weather recently. 

And yes... an E@K Meet is never complete without laughter.

Quelly, Kathie and Genn

Lucky Mamila got the pincushion I made. 

After the E@K Meet, my Panda and Genn rushed to Meralco theater to watch THE MAGIC OF JOHN WILLIAMS with abs-cbn's Philharmonic Orchestra. While walking up to the Meralco building, we passed a dead frog on the road. After 3 steps, Genn and I simultaneously stopped and turned back. It was the perfect photo op. Haha!

Only stitchers can understand the FUNNY in FROGS.
OSH stands for ONLINE STITCHING HOUR. Our little group has this weekly now. Where we post our current place in our projects, stitch madly, then post our projects every hour after that. Yes, we flood our group wall but it's fun. Makes us want to really make a dent into the patterns we're stitching up.
** Photo taken by Genn Delizo**

I'm so totally blessed having people who love the same things I do. Thank God for my local stitching club-- they keep me sane and happy as well as a loving and supportive Panda who's always there for me. 

My darling lovey Panda who's always there for me-- even if he doesn't know how to do a single stitch.

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SoCal Debbie said...

The Online Stitching Hour sounds like loads of fun! Maybe I'll find some stitchy friends to play along with me, too!