E@K Meet January Post Christmas Celebration

(L-R: Me, Myla, Lara, Quelly and Kathie)
(photo taken by Yeya)

Oh yeah-- that's me... I almost always pull a funny whenever I catch a camera aimed at me.
(photo taken by Yeya)

Bonding and a little show & tell.
(photo taken by Yeya)

the lovely DMC staff giving us an update on their coming plans: a Stitchers Camp during the summer and a contest!
(photo taken by Yeya)

Our christmas raffle. All items donated from various stitchers. We all went home with something nice!
(photo taken by Yeya)

Gen showing off her cute Precious Moments finish.
(photo taken by Yeya)
More show and tell....

Some of you may be friends with this guy in the facebook groups... this is Richard Huang. :)

Yeya and Kathie going over someones stitching.

Group shot... we can't fit in the DMC store anymore!

Just some of the food that arrived.

All smiles. :)

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