Little Triumphs

Little keychain with my friends initials. Made this for Alvic and Vangie.

Little tissue pouch.
Pattern taken from Wit & Wisdom 

Beautiful framing thanks to Mayette :D
Love this show! :)

Rango's Bad Bill. Photo-to-pattern thing I had made for my Panda. 
Living with Charm
(stitched and given to my boyfriends mum)

stitched for a heart exchange gift for my local stitching club.

stitched and framed for Stitch for a cause.

 Stitched on a long strip of cloth.... enough space for 2 more mermaids. :)
Made and stitched for my Lovey. :)

Sample Stitched by my good friend Rene but designed by yours truly.
Offered in my craftsy page.

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Linda said...

Hi -I ran across your blog and enjoyed reading it. Love the love story of you and Panda...cute couple you two make :)

I'm looking forward to following your blog. Reading your blog made me smile several times.
Love this one that you stitched! Wonderful work!

Happy Stitching!