Mirabilia dream coming true

A year ago, I made a wish... it was a dream of mine to complete the Mirabilia patterns.... I thought I could do it at least in the next 5 years. Trade, buy, hunt... there were, after all, more than 100 patterns.

Who'd have thought that in a years time, I'd be able to complete it?!

It's not yet complete... I'm still missing 11... but imagine!! I'm beside myself with delight. Only 11 more to go and I'd have them all. I'll only have to wait for the monthly releases after that.

I was even able to get the rare Seaside Kingdom. Oh yeah! So happy about that one.

Just wanted to thank all those who helped me in my quest of completing the set. :)

** I've yet to finish my first Mira-- my Fairy Idyll is still idle.. but once the 'hunt' is over--- I get more time stitching rather than internet surfing, looking at ebay or cross stitch sales.


Stash hunting .... in Hong Kong

With the help of Faye Whittaker and Wheng White... I got directions and found the beautiful cross stitch shop that I went absolutely nuts over.

It's called FRAMES UNIQUE. Owned and run by Elana Chua.

I know I'm not the only one who has been searching hong kong for stash... so.... I thought I'd document my hunt for you.

Here are the directions:

Take the  MTR to Prince Edward station (even if the address says Mongkok, go to Prince Edward--- lessens your walking) (trust me-- if you're in HK, you'll be walking. A LOT. Shortcuts are your best friend).

Take B2 exit and when you come out... walk to the corner in front (around 7 steps) then turn left. You'll see this green squat square building. Cross the street to the back of it.

This is the Nullah Road Refuse Post... otherwise known as the green squat building.

This photo was taken on the left side of the green building. See MANNINGS? (blue sign shop on the left) Turn right at that corner. That's the FISH MARKET STREET.

Stay on the right side of the street. Keep walking and look for the sign that has a giant sun on it.  Right before you reach it.... keep looking at the signs on top of the sidewalk (but don't get so concentrated looking up that you don't watch your belongings-- heck, you're in hong kong. Watch your valuables). If you reach the sun sign.. you've already passed the cross stitch shop.
This is the sign you're looking for.  WHen you see this, look right.  You'll see a fish pet store. Ignore it. Instead, look for the silver barred door.

This is the silver barred door to Wing Ying Bldg. It's usually closed. You'd think it was dark and closed. Just press the button on the left (2) or knock (there's usually a chinese guy manning the table inside-- he'll open the door for you).
Then walk up to the 2nd floor (don't be shocked if you see a fish store again on the "2nd" floor.... their 2nd floor, is actually our '3rd' floor. So keep walking up the dinky staircase until you see the number 2 and an arrow. THAT would be the right floor.
This is the right floor. See the number 2 on the wall? Enter the door and turn left.

Ta-Da!! You found it!!

*** If you're allergic to cats or have asthma- -stay away (for your health). Elana has  6 friendly and lovely cats who have free reign over the place. Personally, I loved the fact that the cats were there. Made everything feel so nice and homey. But I understand that there are some folks whose health might be at risk with all the cat hair and dander in the air. ***

Elana and I. 

One of Elana's cats really wanted to come home with me-- jumped in my bag and stayed there while I browsed her store. 

This fellow would keep jumping up on the shelf and stay with me as I browsed through the various kits and patterns . I'd keep reaching out to pet him--- so cute and friendly.

This cat has different colored eyes..... it's the cat on her door!!!  Isn't that sooo cool?

Go and visit Elana in her store. She's super duper nice and helpful.
Hope my directions are clear enough. Let me know if you need clarifications.