Mirabilia dream coming true

A year ago, I made a wish... it was a dream of mine to complete the Mirabilia patterns.... I thought I could do it at least in the next 5 years. Trade, buy, hunt... there were, after all, more than 100 patterns.

Who'd have thought that in a years time, I'd be able to complete it?!

It's not yet complete... I'm still missing 11... but imagine!! I'm beside myself with delight. Only 11 more to go and I'd have them all. I'll only have to wait for the monthly releases after that.

I was even able to get the rare Seaside Kingdom. Oh yeah! So happy about that one.

Just wanted to thank all those who helped me in my quest of completing the set. :)

** I've yet to finish my first Mira-- my Fairy Idyll is still idle.. but once the 'hunt' is over--- I get more time stitching rather than internet surfing, looking at ebay or cross stitch sales.


Claire said...

Great stash.x

Claire said...

Great stash.x

SoCal Debbie said...

Congratulations on almost meeting your collecting goal! Only 11 more to go. Whoo hooo!

Jo said...

I'm in awe, soo many beautiful charts. Hope you manage to track down the last few.