The PANDA Love Story

Not stitchy-related but I always love telling this story...we actually made up a nice fairy tale story about this so I'd like to post it here if I may. How my Panda and I got together.

In a gist, his niece and my niece (best friends)(who were then 9 yrs old)(youngest matchmakers I know), set us both up. His big sister, and my big sister (also best friends), encouraged us. My younger twin nieces (then 8 yrs old) aided them all.  And voila! Our Panda love story.... with actual real-time pictures as the events happened!


The Wizard, The Witch and Two Little Imps

*** *** ***

Once upon a time...

There lived two little imps named Amanda and Cammy, good friends who enjoyed being mischievous and hatching little plots and schemes together. One day they decided to point their attention to their aunt and uncle.

Amanda, who was an imp who could not sit still said, “I have an uncle who is a Wizard and loves cats so very much!”

Cammy, the imp who had a happy dimple answered, “And I have an aunt who is a Witch and has thirteen cats!”

“Perfect!” they said, and put their heads together and began to plan.

“Uncle AJ, did you know that Cammy's Aunt Witch, Ayet, has thirteen cats!?!? She has many dogs too, loves them all, and is fun to be with!” Amanda jumped up and down as she cornered her uncle.

“Auntie Ayet, Amanda's Uncle Wizard, AJ, can bend his hands like no one can, draw awesome cartoons, conjure the most perfect paper airplanes and fold his ears!?!?” Cammy jumped up and down as she cornered her aunt.

To the Wizard AJ, the Witch Ayet seemed like a cat-lady who had too many familiars following her around.

To the Witch Ayet, the Wizard AJ seemed like a made-up comical jester of a character with strange tricks.

“You're both big kids!” the two imps declared, still jumping up and down,at the same time in each others homes.

Both being allergic to set-ups from their covens and conclaves, the Witch and Wizard shrugged the imps attempts at matchmaking away with a “Uh-huh.” and an “Ok.” Neither were interested and returned to their duties.

Months passed, and the campaign of the imps continued. Now, however they had enlisted the help of bespectacled twin pixies, Chelsea and Kirsten. They also had attracted the attention and not-so-silent approval of the respective family heads, The High Witches Sandee and Jenny. 

“He has two toy cats he brings with him everywhere! And he can become a cat too!”

“She's fun to be with.”

“He's a teacher!”

“She used to teach!”

And this went on and on and on.

When the feast of Halloween came, it was decided by the two magical families that the celebration was to be at Amanda the imp's house. Cammy arrived with her family in tow, her twin pixie sisters, her mother the High Witch Jenny, and of course her Auntie Ayet. And there, that night, in full magical costumes, the Witch and Wizard finally met.
First time we met... he was a wizard and I was a witch. 

“Hmmm...” Thought the Wizard, when he saw the Witch.

The Witch, being the more brazen of the two demanded, “So you're Uncle AJ. Show me your tricks.” And the Wizard was forced to perform acts of magic before both families that night. He proceeded to show everything the imps had told Aunt Ayet he could do.

But however much the imps and pixies tried, and they tried so very much, they could not get the Wizard and Witch together. They saw each other as friends, both resisted being close, knowing that family alliances were tricky at best.

Once again, time passed, and the Witch and Wizard carried on with their tasks, chores and duties. And once again, several months later, a celebration was held, but this time it was decreed to take place at Cammy the imp's house.

And so Amanda the imp, with her mother Sandee, their family's High Witch, and her Uncle AJ were in attendance. The feast was Harry Potter Night, where they were to battle each other over trivia on the boy wizard who so enthralled those in the muggle world. 

His family and my family battled. Harry Potter DVD Scene It.

High Witch Jenny's coven triumphed, but both families were in good spirits, and laughter and fun reigned that night. The Witch and Wizard however, still remained simply friends.

What the Witch Ayet did not know was that the Wizard was at this time asking, “What if...?” and what the Wizard AJ did not know was that the Witch was asking, “Why doesn't he do something?”

It was not long after that the Wizard found a partner…a female troll. And having the burden of the set-up lifted from them, the Witch Ayet and the Wizard AJ became closer friends. As they considered each other now “safe”.

It came to pass, one day, that a mighty gathering of wizards and witches was called, in a far off land called Singapore. The Warlocks of the Conclave of Lucas had issued the summons, and AJ the Wizard was honored to attend. And off he went, leaving his family of imps, witches and wizards.

It was a great privilege to be in one of the many Wizarding Councils in the Conclave. But even so, Wizard AJ often found life in Singapore to be lonely.

The friendship between the Witch and Wizard continued, being strengthened by the distance between them now. Ayet the Witch, concerned at how alone the Wizard was so far away from his family and home, diligently strove to keep him company.

She did so through a mystical device called a Mac, that had the power to open a portal to an in-between world called Cyberspace. Using magical portals called Facebook and Yahoo Messenger, both of which allowed her to navigate Cyberspace, she kept the poor Wizard company. And the wizard, grateful for the warm, friendly presence in his life, thanked her for her efforts and became more and more attached to the pretty, friendly Witch.

The troll soon vanished from the Wizard's life. Although he stubbornly made no mention of this to Ayet the Witch, she had somehow known already.

Time passed, as it normally does and events in their lives came and went. The opportunity came however, one fine day, for the Witch to visit the land of Singapore. Her coven was spending their holiday there, and she was invited to go along.

Finally, The Witch and Wizard , after several months apart, were reunited. They spent time together exploring the realm. AJ took Ayet to the Gmax, a magical device that sent people flying up closer to the stars. And there, AJ saw how Ayet’s eyes and smile, twinkled brighter than the stars she flew to. Again he thought, “what if…”. They had their evening meal in the company of the Witches friends, where the Wizard gained the approval and favor of the other wizards present. And on their last day, he helped her acquire a magical cauldron and pet dragon. And spent an afternoon searching for skulls.

We met up in Singapore

Now, while together in Singapore, something had sparked. A magical seed was planted and flourished between the two of them. Not long after, AJ the Wizard confessed that the troll was gone, and this made Ayet the Witch very happy. And so she said “I know”. And when they separated, the Wizard AJ gave the Witch Ayet, ruby red shoes.

The two months that followed their encounters were filled with correspondence between the two. Not a day went by that they were not talking through the power of Facebook, Instant Messenger, and Magical little owl messages called Globe texts. In that time, he sent her a magical wand that he himself had crafted.

The Witch and Wizard were reunited once again when the Wizard decided to come home to visit. During his stay they saw each other and kept each other company, trading spells and magical items such as spellbooks and enchanted clothing.

First gift he ever gave me.... BOOKS! :D :D :D

During this time the imps Amanda and Cammy and the pixies Chelsea and Kirsten continued their campaign of getting their Uncle Wizard and Witch Aunt together. The High Witches would occasionally look in and join in as well. 

Unbeknownst to their families, or perhaps known, depending on how their readings of the crystal balls and scrying mirrors were, they were already getting closer and closer. But were careful of letting their families know. They were to keep silence about it still but the Wizard could remain silent no more. 

So on the thirty first day of May in the year 2010 of the Third Age of The World, nearly two years after they had first met on that Halloween Night, AJ The Wizard confessed his Love for Ayet the Witch...

… and she said she loved him back.

Yup, we're an "US"

Too soon after, fate stepped into their lives once again, and the Wizard was made to return to Singapore. Before leaving however, they took time from their lives to be together, and in that time they prayed to their God. (They knew that prayers are the strongest spells they can ever cast).

The God they shared is a God of Peace. He is a God of Salvation. And, He is a God of Love. And so, with their hands entwined, they prayed.

They prayed for each others strength.
They prayed for each others safety.
They gave a prayer of thanks.
And, they gave a prayer of praise.

. . . . 

As for the rest of the story? It is yet to be written. But this should satisfy the curious. For now.

The Pandas with my sister and fam.

It's not "YOUR SINGAPORE", it's OURS.

His best friend meets my best friend. And all three boys CLICKED.

Meeting one of my gal best friends. :)

My family. His family. All together to watch his movie RANGO.

When he met my "MAFIA" family. (nothing gangster about it. it's just the 7 families of my former 7 students who have stuck together since the kids were in prep...they're now in college and we've been friends ever since).

Hanging out with our pals in Singapore.
Hanging out with my Panda and his best friend at the Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit.
Feeling the love from his brothers.
Our 2011 Halloween costumes. We won 1st place!!

With the two imps who planned it all.

Christmas 2011 with my clan.
Finally meeting my other group of best friends.
Watching WICKED . Tickets were given to us as a Christmas gift by my Panda's mum.  (Thanks Tita Dee!)

Us with my Singapore 'foster' family. Our good friends Alvic and Vangie. 

Trom ploi painting in Bugis with us fooling around on it. 

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