How you doin?

It's been awhile since I posted. I know... I know. I should do it more often. I just get so caught up doing so many things.

I finally managed to get almost all the must-have patterns I want. Wahoo! Yes, I sort of emptied my bank on that one. But I'm happy so.... go figure. :)

With all my patterns collected, I've started shopping hand dyed fabrics. Man! They're expensivo!!! I bought 3 and decided, at this rate, I won't be able to afford watching movies or eat so I stopped there.... (I can still drool and have eye candy watching the sales going on in the facebook groups).

Here's my stash so far.... They're starting to look like a condominium towers being stacked up one after another. I sometimes just spend an afternoon sifting through them like Golum fondling the Ring.
"My precious.....". Having a blast and dreaming about them.

I've also been stitching up a storm... at least for me anyway. Way more than I did last year. Somehow, I've dwindled down in trading and stashing so I could concentrate more on stitching. 

I've narrowed my WIPs down to 5.... 
here they are at their current stage as Feb 17, 2013:
Fairies in my Garden by Joan Elliott

*no name yet* by yours truly

Fairy Idyll by Nora Corbett Adams, Mirabilia

Roses, Leisure Arts

Cougar by Sue Coleman

I'm doing my best to rotate on them on a regular basis but as of now... I'm focusing on the Roses. I've 1 month to finish it before my mums birthday.  So far... I noticed that majority of my works are given to other people... I've nothing on my walls so far except a little Joan Elliott I finished the other year.

Hoping I'd get to stitch for myself soon. But for now-- I enjoy stitching for my loved ones. The cougar is a request and will be a gift to my Uncle Joe. The Roses, as I said, for my mum. The rest-- are mind, hence slow going.

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