Read? Stitch...Stitch? Read.

I like to read. No...change that. I LOVE to read. I've been a voracious bookworm since I picked up my first book of Nancy Drew. (The Dancing Puppet). Ever since then, I've amassed thousands of books which had kicked me out of my room and into my parents room for a long time. (The books had piled up so much, it covered my floor, my bed.. and was spilling out everywhere).

It was only divine intervention (literally!) that got me my room back. A flash flood 2 years ago happened to swamp my entire town... water up to my eyebrows means books drowned. Ok, so that wipes out everything I had. Books gone. Clothes all shrunk. Walls torn down. Pictures gone....sigh.... enough with the sob story.  We've rebuilt the house now and slowly rebuilding life.

This just means my room have... err... room. Lesson learnt from years ago. Though I loved the feel of books, I'm now very very choosy about which books to buy. Before, I'd grab ANY book. I had thousands of those useless romance novels. I'd devour one at every meal. (yes, I read that fast). But, again, the books kicked me out my room. So now I download ebooks. Yup. Thanks to my sis who gave me an ipad a year ago, I have thousands of books at my beck and call.

Enter cross stitching.

I used to cross stitch for school projects back in high school. I remember making a ballerina.. I think it was a mirabilia design....for home economics. Did I finish it? No. Then in college, I started a Bear in witch clothing. Again, another unfinished project. A few years later, I started stitching Christmas decors. In the hopes of making tree ornaments to give as presents. That was 2002. To date, I only have 5 of those. And they're still in their virginal aida square patches... haven't done a thing to forming the ornaments. (and yes, they went swimming in the muddy waters of the flood...so they're sorta discolored).

But this year, 2011, the stitching bug has bitten me REAL hard. And the sucker is still attached.

I've made a dozen tiny projects... a tissue pouch, keychains, small patterns for framing... and I got to finish them! Yeehah! And I now have a BAP (big a** project) waiting to be finished and a HAED all kitted up and ready to go. Hoo-boy. I'm still nervous about that one.

My reading has suffered. Terribly. I only get to read during lunch now. Where before I read during breakfast, lunch, dinner and every available time possible.

So far, I've come up with a temporary solution... and all bookworm readers out there's probably squeaking in outrage (what sound do worms make anyhow?). Where was I? Oh yes, my temporary solution...


I find listening to the stories and stitching at the same time highly effective. So now, I'm currently "reREADing" the Twilight series. Heck, after watching Breaking Dawn, I wanna revisit Edward and Belle's entire story.

So am I an avid reader? Yes. Do I consider myself a stitcher? Yes.
Books + Stitch.... = Bitch? Ok then, I'm a Cross Bitch.
HAHAHA! Makes you think of the word in an entirely new way. :D

(yes, I belong to the Edward side)
(side note: Stephanie Meyer is one heck of a good author...but she's ruined the entire world of vampire lore for this generation. Forevermore, vampires will now be described as "SPARKLY"). LOL!!!!

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