Ok, wiggling butt and going wild over here. I finally finished my Living with Charm project.
Woohoo!!! It's done! It's done!

Uh-huh! It's done. Yeah! *insert happy butt dance of joy & flapping arms like a chicken*

This shalt be washed (to erase the water-soluble pen marks) and sent to the framers lickety-split.  It shalt be a giftie for Christmas! :)

Heck yeah! I finished it on time!!!

As my japanese anime shows go.... "Wa-ho!!!!!"

This approximately took me 2 months to finish. A couple of hours stitching at night and in the morning. As I said, I'm a slow stitcher. Still...one stitch at a time.... that's all it takes. WA-HO!!!! :D

(**heaven forbid I misspelled anything!!!)

Living with Charm


Anonymous said...

This looks absolutely amazing- you did a fantastic job! I just wanted to add I love your blog- your humour is pretty much on par with mine and I've spent the last half an hour giggling away :)

SoCal Debbie said...

That's a fantastic project and the giftee will be thrilled! Great stitching!

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

Thanks Lenne! I'm enjoying writing up the bloggie stuff. :) It keeps me on my toes regarding stitching stuff. Trying to see new things in the everyday. :)

But seriously, doesn't frogging sound like the kinkiest thing ever? LOL!

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

Thanks Debbie!! :D The giftie actually is a "joint" project. I took care of the manual labor, and the panda is taking care of the framing expenses. :D Gives you an idea of who the giftie is for huh? Can't say yet... not until the unwrapping on Christmas day. :D