Hoard. Hoard. Hoard.

I spent the day of Dec 24 waiting for Christmas Eve organizing my stitchy stuff.

From various corners of my room and library came several yards of cloth, rolls of aida ribbons, bobbin cases, piles of books, pattern booklets and clear book binders.

My new threads went straight to my shabby chic lunch boxes, awaiting their time to be wound on bobbins.

Various sized hoops and keychains with aida went into the drawer along with bobbins, extra scissors, markers, pins and other miscellaneous stuff.

And of course, my bobbin cases... I graduated from small ones...to dime-store large ones...to giant ones from hobby stores (they were made originally for toy cars). Hmm... I think I have to devise a way of making the empty ones useful again. I love my giant bobbin cases too much to go to the smaller ones again. They ARE taking up space...

Last but not least... into my left drawer went my external hard drives will all of my downloaded cross stitch patterns. Nicely organized in folders and subfolders :)

There. My stitchiness is all in one cubby. It used to be my linen cubby where I kept my bedsheets and collection of pillowcases that don't match. (I like different prints on my bed). But I shoved all those on the bottom shelf to make room for my goodies on the top two tiers.

No stitching for me for now. I have to pause stitching for a few days until I get my room in order.  But I wanted to share and give you a peek into my little treasure trove.

It's not much compared to some. But my butt wiggles every time I look at it. (I have the doors open now as I gloat over my stash). :D :D :D

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SoCal Debbie said...

It's a wonderful feeling to just LOOK at your stitchy stash, isn't it? Merry Christmas!