Why Stitch?

Just a random thought popping into my head... why do I stitch? I could easily just buy the poster or print out the picture if I just wanted to. Why slave away for months?

I've had people call me "weird" or crazy... sometimes they'd complement me with the words "How patient can you be" but you know there's that tone that meant "you're nuts".  Have you had that experience?

Some people find it weird that I got into cross stitching and that I'm so crazy about it. They think I'm weird. *shrug*. What's weird for me is NOT having a hobby or an interest.

I'm really not into shopping or clothes or going to parties. I prefer to watch movies, have nice dinners, or go home and stitch.

There's beauty in creating something yourself. It's an art. It makes me feel a connection with the ladies of old... when they made tapestries back when they lived in castles. It's an art form that I don't want to die. And if I can influence others to take it up, then I'll do so.

There's a joy in creating. Seeing that picture come together one stitch at a time. It may seem crazy to do it for some people I know. But for me, it helps me center. It quiets me down. Calms me.

There are millions of reasons I can come up with to say WHY I stitch. But I'll stick to those for now. Maybe in future, I'll have another random thought.

But for now, let me say this. Some people are gifted that rare genius to paint. That rare opportunity to be discovered and become famous. They can call themselves artists.

I am an artist too. Instead of a brush and paint, I wield a needle and thread. I may not be a genius at it or an expert. But I am.

And if you're a stitcher, so are you.

There is magic in what we do. :)

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