Rumplestiltzkin Wannabe

I have a new toy!!!

It's a simple enough item... just a tiny ol' bobbin winder. I've seen pics of it before and I've oftened wondered what it's for. Heck, I've wound bobbins before. I can easily do it with my two bare hands. So why would people MAKE a bobbin winder or even BUY one? Of course, this was me being sarcastic as I've only seen this thing on the internet. I wasn't about to pay international shipping fees just to get one. So for years, I've orgnaized and wound my cute and colorful bobbins by hand.

And it arrived! I saw one in the DMC store which I frequent. Just the lone one. And it was cheap!! Ok, I had no idea how it worked but I grabbed it, bought it and gleefully brought it home. Another goodie for my stitching collection.

Now I'm in love with it.

I can't stop. It's so much fun to use. The only problem I see with it is... I run out of skeins to wind! My only solution to that is to wind slooooooooooooowly..... just to prolong the fun.

Most of you stitchers out there probably  have one of these already. If you haven't... grab one. :D It's a nice toy to have. Makes prepping time for kitting up more fun.
My new toy. I think I'll name him BOB. :D

How ingenious You just slide it onto your bobbin box and it clamps on real well. :)

This is the start...

....and this is the end result.

And the best part? My hand oils don't dirty up my threads. 


Jo said...

I've had one of these but never got the hang of it, glad it's working for you. I'm the same with reading and stitching, it's so hard fitting them both in with kids. Great blog x

Theresa said...

I also have one of these. Been sitting in my stash for a few years and I have never even used it yet. Maybe I should pull it out and give it a try.

I'm a new follower and your blog looks great.

Happy Stitching.