The BACK of the Fabbie

I've been told time and time again to keep the back of your fabbie neat. Keep all your stitches in nice little rows... don't do knots... heck, it's more work keeping the BACK of your fabbie neat than sewing the entire project all together!

That's why I was sooo happy to 'meet' fellow HAED stitchers (I'm saying "fellow" even though I haven't started on my HAED--- yet) (I will in a week or two).  They've all told me it's near impossible to keep your back neat. I learnt concepts like CROSS COUNTRY, TENTING... and trust me, I felt so good when I found out it's ok if your back is messy. I was given full permission to get used to it. When I read comments by other stitchers not to worry about the back, I wanted to yell like Braveheart and go "FREEEEEDOOOOOOM....!!!!"

Now recently, I visited our local DMC exhibition... they had a contest and the grand prize winner and runner ups were displayed. I just wanted to share a pic of one of 3 grand prize winners. Unfortunately, I'm a bad blogger... I payed no attention to her name. I was too fixated on her stitches....and you'll see why in a bit. LOOK CAREFULLY at the pictures I'm going to show you. It's unbelievable.

This was one of the grand prize winners. She got around $1000. (Each winner got 50,000php).  It's a picture converted into a pattern. This is the front. But this isn't the best part...

DMC framed her work in a back-to-back glass frame. So people can admire front AND back. THIS is the back.

 Can everybody please say HOLY COW? I know I did. I think I circled her frame more than a dozen times that day... and I went back the next day. I mean, MAN! How in the world did she do it????


Anita Sorrells said...

I am saying HOLY COW...That is incredible. Thankfully, it is not something I even want to try to achieve at this point LOL

Mellybelly1981 said...

Wow I wouldnt use back to back glass on mine, its so untidy.