It is better to GIVE than to RECEIVE

That's true. And it felt soooo nice when my Panda's mum finally received and opened her giftie.  I was sorta feeling shy so I didn't look real hard, but my panda said her eyes were twinkling and that her face lit up... hope so. :) I'm going to have to ask for a copy of that pic of her holding this. :)

Living With Charm; nicely framed.
But I can't deny that receiving stitchy goodies felt great as well!!

A special shout-out of THANKS to Kuya Junie, Cora, Monchu and Miggy for my 365 days of stitchiness. :) LOADS of small patterns for me to make throughout this year. I've been thumbing through them the entire afternoon and have spotted stuff I'd want to stitch right away. :)
Thanks guys! I LOVE IT!

And of course....

a HUGE thank you to my sister for getting me a new floor stand that can transform from floor stand to lap frame and from large to extra large scroll.  It hasn't arrived yet from Korea but THANK YOU!!!

and last but not the least...

.....a big whopping giggly THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my lovey Panda who gave and helped me complete my master kit of DMC skeins. :D

I love you... very BEARY much. Thank you for knowing what I really want and for spoiling me :) :) :)

236 colors...to complete my Master Kit. :) All from my panda. 
Another Christmas surprise: 2 meters of beautiful beige 25ct lugana and packs of 28ct tapestry needles!!!

I was expecting just 1 pack of needles. When I opened the tin that it came in, I was shocked to see these. He said that he knows I can go through needles fast so he "...bought everything they had in stock".

AWWWWWW!!!!!  (I just melted).
It's already such a sweet sweet thing to buy needles and the cloth for me.. but to say that he got all the 28ct needles in stock!!??!!!!

AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

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SoCal Debbie said...

What a wonderful gift from your friends! Patterns for every day of the year! But your boyfriend's gift is the best! You're a lucky girl!