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Artsy-Fartsy's personal log. HAED. 2011.18. Dec
(alright, I was trying to sound trekkie but I can't. I'm a star wars girl). Sooo... to repeat:

HAED started: Dec 18, 2011
2 over 1; Tent Stitch
Substituted b5200 for the Kreinik 032
28ct Aida, white

I changed my cloth from the original 18ct aida to a 28ct aida.
That meant a completely new gridding job. Instead of the washable markers, I used ordinary sewing thread.
The washable marker tips were bigger than the 'squares' of the aida. 

Just to give perspective. That area is one page. Yup. The pin takes up more than half of the height of one page.
The squares on this aida are soooo tiny!!! I have to wear magnifiers or else I won't see the holes properly.

My first stitch on my HAED!! Taken Dec 18, 2011 1130am.

Just showing how I'm doing things. I've enlarged the printing of my pattern so it's easier for me to follow.
I've gotten a tiny magnet that hold my needle and my needle threader for easy access.

I need advice please. This is my tenting close up.... it looks soo... wonky/messy but that's the best I could do with 2 threads over 1.... am I doing it right????

I've NEVER done tent stitching before and I'm getting a bit worried with how it looks. It's hard to see since I'm stitching the sky over white aida. That's the white b5200 with a bit of light blue where the sky peeks through the clouds.

ADVICE please. Is it looking alright??? It all looks... wonky to me.

So far...
Dec 19: Over 900 stitches done.


candydeavila said...

I like your stitching... ligh colors tend to look a bit out of place, but they look right when you get to darker colors.
When I tent I use half cross stitch when going to the right and continental stitch when going to the left to improve evenness. You can find an explanation here: http://www.threadneedlestreet.com/PrintableContinentalHalf.html
Happy stitching!

Theresa said...

Don't worry they look fine.

Congrats on starting your HAED.

Iverinde said...

It looks like mine. Keep up the great stitches and blog. I really enjoy reading urs :)

What is the pen ur using? I'm thinking about getting it, but have no idea what I'm looking for.

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

Thanks all. I've been worrying over the stitches since they're not even... but if you say they're ok, then I'm slogging on! It's my first time to do a HAED, use 28ct and use tent stitching. Phew. Lotsa firsts for this project. :)

SoCal Debbie said...

You should try "railroading" your stitches. From Scarlet Quince: "Railroading is another technique for keeping floss strands flat and parallel as you stitch. Here’s how to do it: stitch by bringing the needle up through the fabric and pull the floss along the fabric in the direction that the stitch will go (so the floss is lying flat over the hole where the needle will go down). Then insert the needle between the strands (be careful not to split a strand) and go down to complete the leg." http://www.scarletquince.com/graphics/railinstr.gif