WASHABLE MARKERS really do wash off.

I've heard (or actually, "read") that some people are hesitant to use washable markers to grid their cloth. I've put together some pics to show that the one I'm using is absofreakinglutely reliable in terms of washability.

Unfortunately, I don't know what it's called. It's japanese.  I buy it from our local store here called Heavenly Stitching Moments. For 80bucks... roughly $2usd.

** unless you got the same pen I do, I highly recommend doing some test patches first. I went through a couple of other pens before I landed on this one. The sky blue color, I think, is the safest one. I got purple and pink as well but... I had to scrub to get those out. Blech. I tossed those out right away. I prefer this pen. :) ANYthing that lessens work, I like!

The gridlines actually disappear on its own thru time. I think the ink "evaporates" or something.... so since I'm a slow stitcher, I sometimes have to reinforce the gridlines (meaning, I do them twice).

The ink disappears upon contact with water. No need to scrub or anything. Just watch it disappear.

Bye-bye gridlines.

Hello unmarked fabbie.

This is the pen I use.

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