Meet my latest Best Friend.

His name is Bugsy.

Because he makes my eyes look it.

Another local store here carries this. Dreams in Glorietta5. It cost me around 500php... approximately a little bit more than $10usd for you guys.

Now mind you, I have 20-20 vision. My doctor said so. Though I did get frames for a 0.25 grade on my left eye...which is basically negligible according to my doc. (Whose name by the way is Dr. Enrique Enriquez... crazy parents huh?). Anyway, I clipped Bugsy on my frames and voila!!! My fabbie is clearer...and bigger.

Which is perfect as I've finally decided to do my HAED Chess Match on a 28ct aida. :D I started gridding today and man! Bugsy helps. He really does. I could barely see the tiny holes or gridlines on this 28ct. But with Bugsy, they looked like a 18ct to me. (If you're wondering why I was insane enough to use a fabbie that I can barely see... follow my logic... I'd rather do a 28ct and see it as a manageable sized cloth rather than my original 18ct cloth and see it like a blanket covering my entire bed).

I've decided to grid my Chess Match fabbie using ordinary sewing thread versus my washable marker. Why? Especially as I've just finished blogging about how I love my markers? Well....

1. The washable marker disappears through time... sort of evaporates in air... so since I KNOW my HAED will take a loooong time. I didn't fancy regridding again and again every time the ink vanishes.

2. The head/tip of my marker is larger than the ridges of my 28ct aida. It would've been hell trying to stay within the line.

3. I wanted to. (*enter spoiled tone). I liked looking at all the other expert HAED stitchers and they have nicely gridded cloth. I wanted to have the same.

Kindly remember that imitation is the best form of flattery. So...if I get tips and tricks from you folks... it just means I'm flattering you. :)


Heck, I need all the help I can get. :)

I've turned preparing to stitch my HAED into a journey all on its own. And I'm enjoying being OC about it.

Bugsy attached to my frames.

So nerdy. The clip ons FLIP up so I can look at things without the bug-vision. Last time I saw lenses that do this... a major scientific nerd was wearing it in the movies... never thought I'd end up wearing these...but I'm NEVER going to give Bugsy up now.  

Don't you just love kitting up and readying to stitch something new? I do. Gridding can be a little bit toxic but the anticipation of starting the project is already building up BIIIIIIIG time. It's like manually walking up the steep ramp of a roller coaster. I can't wait to "drop" and start!!

Can I just say, that I love finding new stuff to add to my stitching collection :) I also got magnets!!! But I'll save that for another blog after they've posed for me. :)


SoCal Debbie said...

I have heard (read) that many HAED stitchers use some type of magnifiers too. I haven't started mine yet. I haven't done the gridding yet either, but I wanna be just like the experts too!

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

Start gridding already Debbie! So we can start on the new year. :D

I think I have a bad case of "idol" worship when I see the works of the experts.

I swear... I want a blnkie that says HAED finisher! And definitely... I want one that says HAED BAP FINISHER.

Sigh... Someday!! :D