My darling panda got me thread for Christmas. Lots and lots and lots of thread. I can now say, I'll have a "MASTER KIT" already. Meaning, I'd have ALL the colors of the DMC cotton floss. So I can pick up ANY pattern and stitch without having to bother collecting the colors. This way, all I have to do is replace the floss color when it runs out.

To a lot of stitchers, they'd probably shrug. They've been at this far longer than I have and I'm sure they have the complete DMC line once, twice... multiple times over. But this is the first for ME to have the complete set. (at least I will by tom, when I get my giftie :) )

Anyway, my panda's only idea on cross stitch is from what I tell him or what he reads on my blogs. So I had to accompany him to DMC to pick out my thread colors. (*** thank you thank you thank you for my threads lovey!!!)

Of course, being the logistical OC that I am...I already printed out a checklist of the DMC charts and marked off the ones I had.

(** taking the time now to say THANK YOU to DMC Philippines!! :D )

I had loads of fun chatting with the DMC staff (who I think are uber friendly and would gladly sit down and stitch with you any time). My voice kept going higher and higher.... I was excited! All the pretty colors!!!

I was trying to do my best NOT to do my butt dance in public but my panda knew I was doing it inside. My feet couldn't keep still. My eyes were probably sparkling. And I know I had the goofiest grin on my face.

And the best part? Other than having my panda with me alllllll the way from singapore, and getting the complete line of colors?

I got 19 pcs!! You get one for every 12 skeins of floss.
(It used to be 1 for every 24 but with Christmas so near, they 'marked' it down).
I got the angel, the reindeer and snowman. Didn't go for the Santa... his beard covered his face too much.

Aren't they darling?!?!

Couldn't wait anymore and put them on my tree. 

I got this lovely couple a few weeks earlier. 
My complete DMC Christmas freebie haul.

Each goodie comes with a pattern that you can stitch on the bibs. I intend to keep the ornaments OUT of the box.
So I can stitch on them throughout the year. :) As a break from my giant HAED. :)

They absofreakinglutely complete my tree. They were missing little toys and now I got them.
Ooooooo-eeeeeeeee! I am HAPPY!!! :D 

I didn't get to decorate much this year... got too involved with stitching but at least this little corner of the house has Christmas cheer. 

AND.... with this post, I wish everybody a BEWITCHING STITCHY and WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Hugs to all!!! :D


daniellemarie said...

Hey Margaret!

This is absolutely wonderful! It looks really great on your tree :) Hope to see more of your work soon.



DMC Team

SoCal Debbie said...

Oooohh! Congratulations on getting ALL the DMC colors! I am nowhere near that level of stashiness. Lucky you! How fun that you can stitch little designs on the bibs! Merry Christmas!

Carolyn said...

You are too cute! Your enthusiasm is wonderful--made me smile!