Wanna sew faster? I do!!!

Have you ever heard of double-ended tapestry needles? I have. They're like a stitching myth to me. Can you just imagine...not having to twist your needle up after you've poked it in?? With the double-ended needle, you just poke in and out... less hassle, less stress on your hands and less twisting of your thread!!

Mind you, since I discovered this, I've been doing the unorthodox. I've been inserting my needle point-end first and poking butt-first up. Mimicking the double-ended needle. Heck, it works! It cut my speed in half. (errr...did I say that right? I meant, my sewing time in half).

I can't WAIT until Christmas! I ordered a set (just 5 needles). I wanna try them out! I have a feeling they'll become my favorite stitching needles... I'll treat them like the crown jewels of england... MUST find a nice, safe home for them..hmmm.... I guess that means I have to have a needle box or something.

So far, I keep my needles inserted in a tiny piece of foam... it works! Pincushions sorta EAT up and swallow my needles. I'd never find them again unless I accidentally grab the cushion too hard and voila! I'd make any vampire weak in the knees with the tiny drop of blood that'd balloon out of the pinprick. (yes, I've still been listening to Twilight audiobooks... I'm at the part where Bella finds out Jacob imprinted) (I've read through the books before but it's nice to re"read" again).

Anyway, I'll post again once I have my double-ended needles... I'll let you know how that fares. :)

(side note: seriously, does NOBODY think the terms for stitching a little bit... errr.... green??) (c'mon, frogging, parking, poke in...poke out... pin prick...   I'm laughing my head off here).

Just in case you're interested in getting your own double-ended stuff, I found mine here:
 DOUBLE-ENDED NEEDLES Do any of you know where else we can get them? Has anyone used them before?

My butt's doing my personal dance of joy..wiggling and booty-shaking in anticipation of the goodies I'll get at Christmas. :D wheeeeeeee!


Measi said...

Hiya! I just wanted to confirm that I have you on the participant list for the WIPocalypse next year. Thanks for joining! :) I've added you to my personal blog reader so I can peek in and see what you're stitching next year.

Best wishes,

SoCal Debbie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how you like the new needles. Good idea to practice now (butt-first). LoL

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

But the experts on facebook has told me that they don't like the double-ended stuff! They said it ruins their floss. :( hoo-boy... there goes the thrill of getting them. I'm more scared now than excited to try them out.
Still... I may end up using them on another SMALLER project rather than risk my HAED one.