Lesson learnt in a big way... due to my eagerness to finish this current Christmas gift project, I sewed like a maniac the past few days... getting little sleep and really... getting dizzy with the lack of it.

I really really wanted to start on my haed already. Just 3 more words and a couple of metallic bling and I'd be done! (Currently doing LIVING WITH CHARM). 

But yes, lesson learnt. Idiot me. I already knew it from past experience but I was pigheaded. 

I was already yawning and getting very very very sleepy... no need for a swaying shiny object hypnotizing me to let me know that. Widening my eyes and keeping them open does not help in any way. 

I should remember... never to stitch once I start yawning. That's the sign I'm already sleepy. Duh--- yawning? Everyone knows that right? But as I said, I was pigheaded...and therefore, after one entire day of stitching, the very next day, I realize I had to ribbit-ribbit it all out. Waaaaaaaah!!!

photo taken from Mudfooted.

Rip it... rip it... ribbit-ribbit.... frogging.
I-can-yawn-do-this-yawn-must-yawn-finish = pigheaded.

Kermit and Miss Piggy definitely must never join me in stitching ever again. I do NOT like frogging.

On the other hand... at least ORT (my TUSAL jar) now has some very interesting curly thread in it's belly

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SoCal Debbie said...

That's terrible that you had to rip so much out! I put my needle away at the first sign of being too tired! I would hate to frog any more than 10 stitches!