I know I've been stitching my QS Mermaid Treasure and my Fairy Idyll has been eyeing me balefully from my floor stand. But I had to take a break from both so I could practice the TUCK AWAY back style. Trying to improve my skills.

This is the pattern I decided to work on. Felt like I needed it.

A lot of you might not know but I'm Christian. And something has been calling to me to do something like this for awhile now. Actually, there's a feeling in me that I NEED to teach someone how to stitch... in order for them to find the peace I've found when I stitch. Maybe that's why I want to keep writing on this blog. Who knows? I may touch someone. Sigh... this is going to be a more serious blog than my usual I guess. 

As a Christian... we're taught to have QUIET TIME. Where we read the Bible and just be quiet. Pray and commune with God. I've always been one of those who cannot be quiet. My quiet times before meant my popping in headphones and listening to  music. Now.. I stitch while I pray.

Sometimes I have an inner dialogue where I ask Him stuff. Every stitch helps me focus and turn inwards. Especially with this piece. Yes, I do mermaids, fairies...and you don't find those in the Bible. SO WHAT. I find them pretty. That doesn't make me less of a Christian. 

But now that I'm concentrating so much into making the back so straight and clean-- it helps me focus and makes me reflect. It's a weird thing, but it works for me. 

Stitching helps me be at peace with the world. With myself. With others. It keeps me calm and centered. And I'm taking the time NOW to thank God for helping me find this. This 'hobby' that helps keep someone as noisy, extrovert and a regular jitter-bug like me be STILL. 

Slow going because I'm concentrating so hard on keeping the back neat. I'm hoping someday it'll become 2nd nature to me. 

This is my  back. Not as neat because of all the loop starts. But better than anything I've ever made before. 

Finding cross stitching has helped me settle down and be happy with being by myself. Of being STILL without having to keep going out. It's helped me be HAPPY and at PEACE. Hope it does the same to others.

I have wiccan friends...even relatives. And I know they believe in this too. Of being happy with oneself. It goes through all faiths and beliefs. And I wish ... no, I pray everyone I know achieves this. 

The Lord is MY Shepherd. And I offer  him every stitch I ever make. :)


Veronica said...

This is a beautiful post. I agree, life is about being happy with oneself.

I think the back of your stitching looks great. Very neat. Pretty design too.


SoCal Debbie said...

That was a very nice post today! That looks like the perfect project to practice your tuck-away method for neat backs. Happy Stitching!

Melinda said...

The back looks awesome. I believe we all must practice our faith in the way that makes us feel closest to Him, and at peace with us and those around us. Reading your post took me to a peaceful place. Blessings