CONFESSION of a Bloghead

Confession: I do not surf blogs. Not as much as I'm told I'm supposed to.

I told my Panda that I was having trouble looking for blogs to award the Liebster to. I told him, what with stitching and posting on my blog, I didn't have time to surf other blogs much. Only the ones that interact with me on my blog or the HAED ones...and those only rarely. And they have more than 200 followers already!! And... following other peoples links (the ones they picked as their Liebster awardees), I can't award them again even though now that I've discovered them. Coz the others already chose them to be awardees. Can you pick the same person twice? I didn't think so...

Is there a way that new posts on your blogs enter my email? I don't know what I'm supposed to do to get that... do I click on something? I only get 2 blogs to enter via my email and I don't know how I managed to do those. Sigh... I'm a blog-head.

As it is, since blogs don't appear in my email inboxes, now I've been clicking and following links. And I have to admit, I'm getting dizzy doing it.

Bloggy angels--- help!

Do all of you surf blogs, write blogs and stitch too? Where do you find the time? I admit, I'm currently balancing work, stitching and a little biz on the side. I've been sleeping at 2am and waking at 730am. My eyebags are now applying to be a complete set of 'trunks'. Argh.

My QS Mermaid has barely moved... sigh. Good thing I have a year to finish that.

I wonder when I'll find the time to dye the fabric of my target 4 Pixie Coutures? Maybe next weekend...or the one after that...


SoCal Debbie said...

Yes, I work, read blogs, write blogs, stitch, and watch TV! (sometimes housework too) I click each blog on the list on my blog to read their updates. But you can click on your Dashboard and scroll down to Reading List to see the blogs you follow. Or you can click Google Reader and read them all at once that way, instead of clicking one at a time. Sorry, I don't know how to get the updates to come to your email.

Don't worry about finding other blogs to pass the Liebster Award to. I have seen another blogger with the same problem! Everyone she picked has over 200 followers or already received the award from someone else.

Veronica said...

I second Debbie's suggestion on using Google Reader. That's what I've been using for years now and have no problem keeping up with new posts. Everytime a blog you've subscribes to updates, it will automatically update too to ensure you won't miss a post again. Hope that helps


Maureen said...

I like to surf a lot of blogs and write on mine occasionally, maybe once or twice a month. I stitch at night for maybe an hour or so - everything in bite sizes lol! I have all my blogs on google reader so tend to browse them all maybe over lunch at work or when I'm at kids' activities.

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

Thanks all!! I will try to figure out how to get the GOODLE READER you mentioned. :) I appreciate it!

Unfortunately, as I work for family-- I'm not really 'allowed' to surf the net during work hours. So everything really has to squeeze in at night. As it is, I sleep at 1 or 2am and wake up at 7 nowadays. But I'll try. :)