Quick pic update. This one's full.... I went bead shopping and now I needs to get myself another one. Unfortunately, the store where I found this only had 2...this was one. Fortunately, I had their number in my phone so I was able to reserve the 2nd one. Woohoo!! Will go get it soon. I needs it. As I have 20 colors more to organize. These are beads from China and Japan (5 colors are mill hill). Locals substitute these in the place for mill mills. Heck, these are cheaper. And I compared. Some of these are identical to mill hills. Also got myself 2 strings of tiny swarovski beads... will use those on my fairy idyll. Couldn't resist. They were so nice and shiny! I'm like a crow that way--- if it's shiny, I get mesmerized. 

I basically got all the colors 'usable' for the mirabilias. Heck, knowing me... I'll change colors away from the pattern. I like the idea that my project will be unique. But I do love the fairies Nora Corbett designs.

I'm just wondering why she went from nice flowy girls to... something that look like can labels. Golden Girl and Silver Tea... they looks like something on tin cans. I prefer the ladies with wings, gowns, or tails. Or maybe that's just me...

Anyway, I've been busy organizing and collecting Mirabilias. Sooner or later, I'll find a way to get all of them. Yippee!! Enough shopping for me now... will concentrate on stitching. No more surfing HAED or the mirabilia site or ebay... I. MUST. HAVE. WILLPOWER. I. MUST. STITCH.  


weustygirl said...

mmm, nice shiny things, they always make me feel good too. Your beads look lovely

Anonymous said...


I found your blog through Daffycat's blog.

Your beads look so pretty altogether.

I love Fairy Idyll and I agree with you about Golden Girl and Silver Tea. They are so very different to her usual designs. I like her usual ones best.

Happy bead organising!