Gloating over Patterns and Beads

Some of you might not know that I live in the Philippines. And here, it is UBER hard to find patterns. So hard that as soon as I hear a whisper of a possible stash place, I'm off! Heck, it's so hard I shop online or in Singapore. Do you have any idea how expensive that is???

(example: a pattern that is worth $10 is already around 450pesos... and that is more than the minimum daily wage here).

And now... I heard a whisper...someone was selling Mirabilias and L&Ls. Budget be damned. I wanted those. So I put money in my bag. Grabbed my dad and we went. Basically out of town. Following sketchy directions taken from small posts on the internet. I was like a tourist, turning this way and that in the car. Pointing out buildings I've never seen before.

We were treasure hunting.

And I got 'em. I got my treasure. :) Think scrooge over his gold. That's how I feel over these now.

Thank God for a Dad who supports my crazy whims. He drove me out of town just so I can go treasure hunt. Think one and half hour driving...one way. Thanks Daddy!!

And... I just want to share my latest stitchy find. A BEADS ORGANIZER. I basically cut out the number on the mill hills package and stuck it on the butt of the containers. I prefer it on the butt instead of the top. Who knows if I'd get absent minded enough to switch covers by accident. This way, since it's on the body... I know that the numbers have the right beads attached to it.

Happy sigh. My Panda just asked me "what are you doing?" I answered "Gloating".

And I am. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!! Happy butt dance of joy. uh-huh! uh-huh! Yeah!


weustygirl said...

what a fantastic find, no wonder you are doing your butt dance....so the big question is "which one first???" Hehehe. Love your new bead organiser too

SoCal Debbie said...

Congratulations on a fabulous treasure! Now you'll need a fireproof, waterproof safe to store them in!

Linda said...

What great stash you found. I might have some Mirabila or Lavender and Lace charts to sell. Let me know if you are interesteed in anymore.


Ginger said...

Great stash finds! I may have some of those that you are looking for as well. I have been offloading stash for a year and love finding wonderful adoptive families for the patterns.