I figured out another way to stitch a little faster...more for convenience really. Using a magnet strip I stuck on the side of my table (and added little circle ones just because)... I thread a couple of needles already with the same color I'm stitching with.

As I've said in earlier blogs, I'm trying to stitch by color. So... as you can see, I'm stitching this particular shade so my needles are all ready to go as soon as I run out on this current needle I'm stitching with. Sort of like "layaway needles-ready-to-go". Hope that makes sense. At least this way, I only stop to thread needles once per color. 

I got the idea from my stitchy friend Michelle. Such a smart girl. I learn lots from her. Met her only thru our facebook group and I already consider her invaluable in my stitching progress.

Yes, I'm watching American Idol. Heck, what can you expect? We have a PINAY there. Go Jessica!

Slow going... It's been more than 2 weeks and this is all I've to show. Sigh... snails move faster than I do. 

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SoCal Debbie said...

What a great idea to have the needles ready to go. But I have too many cats around to try that method! LOL