DYEd Laughing

I tried my hand at dyeing today. I now have BLUE, GREEN and PURPLE fingers.
Yes, I had disposable gloves. And I used up 3 pairs. BUT! I hate not being able to feel what I'm doing so every so often I'd rip them off and so.....I now have alien-colored fingers on my right hand.

I plan on stitching up some pixies for Nora Corbett's collection. This particular fabbie I'm coloring is for BLUEBELL.

Materials used for this particular project:
1. Aida fabric in 16ct. (I'm still avoiding linen for now).
2. Thread (that I used to grid the borders of the fairy pattern).
3.Needle (that I used to sew the thread with---duh).
4. Crepe Paper (yup! Not DYE. Just plain ol' school project type crepe paper).
5. A bowl of water.
6. A rug/newspaper/board/plastic (whatever you want to protect your table--in my case, my bed---as always).

First, I gridded my fabric so I know exactly where the fairy will be WITH THREAD. Then..with my washable marker, I marked where her waist and head would be... that was going to be my "highlight".
Then, after protecting my surface, I placed my fabric on top of it and got my bowl of water ready.

I cut parts of the crepe paper, dipped it into the bowl and sponge-applied it to my fabric. Yellow as my center...branching out in shades of pink, then purple then blue.

Can you imagine bluebell here? I can.
Good luck to me when I can finish it though.
Here are some pics that may help inspire you folks who have never dyed before (uhhh... all of us? we're still alive....)  or are scared to DYE.

Grid your border  with thread. Though I marked places with my washable marker (too lazy). I needed to know where the waist and torso would be.

Crumpled newly wet crepe paper.

Sponging the color on.

Additional color.

More color...

Darker color on the bottom to mimic the ground (purple coz it's a magical land).

End result after it got rinsed.

Tada! All ready for BLUEBELL.


Otter said...

Really cute! I'm still a little bit intimidated by the thought of dyeing my own fabric, but your technique looks pretty safe and definitely colorful!

weustygirl said...

Looks awesome babe, I love the subtle colour combination which will work well with Bluebell without taking away from her beauty. well done you

Maureen said...

Love how you have blended in all the colours and with just using crepe paper - impressive!

SoCal Debbie said...

Oh that fabric looks gorgeous! What a great technique. I never heard of that before! Your Bluebell will look wonderful!

Veronica said...

You did a wonderful job. Bluebell is gonna look great on that fabulous fabric.


Faith... said...

Fabric looks great! Thanks for your dying tips - I am still trying to work up the nerve to do my own.

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Thank you so much for sharing this technique I gave it a o myself after seeing your gorgeous result and I loved it :) I've posted my fabrics on my blog if you want to see my colour choice:D...
Now I'll be stalking your blog to see Bluebell grow :)

Minnie said...

I like your method of dying, it's not as expensive or messy as others I've seen. Your end fabric is beautiful.