My little stitchy set-up

My latest cozy little stitching set up.
Yes, I found my little bed 'couch'.  Told you if I want it, I'll find a way to get it. And I gotta say, I LOVE it. My back loves it too!!

You see, unlike so many others who like to sit in chairs or sofas while they stitch, I am most comfortable sitting cross-legged on my bed. Sitting in front of my laptop. There's a big TV beyond my laptop so I can watch that if ever. But mostly, I just like using my laptop and stitching happily in front of it.

That's because I skype with my Panda while I stitch. He tinkers with his personal projects on his side of the world, I stitch. And we can talk while we do it.

If you look closely... do you see that antique cabinet? That belonged to my lola (grandmother). It was old, dull and was just wasting away in the back corner of our house. It almost got destroyed in the Ondoy flood (think water almost to our roof). But when we started renovating, I claimed it as mine and had it restored.  Now it houses my stitchy goodies. I'll take a picture in another blog along the way. :)

And on it's left is my floor stand frame. It used to stand in front of it but then I had to battle my way into the cabinet so... I moved furniture around and it found space on the left. Sorry though, can't take shots of that area yet. My floor in front of it is a mess. Haven't finished fixing stuff around. Slowly but surely.

My room is small and I have to "fit" in it. I can't go bringing my stuff to the living room and stitch there though. I dunno if most of you realize, the Philippines is HOT. And the aircon systems in our house is just in our rooms. Can't stitch in the heat. I'll go nuts. PLUS, I don't think my parents would appreciate all my 'mess' invading our common spaces like that.

(whispers: at least this way, since all my stuff are in my room, they can never ever tell me "your stuff's all over the house". It used to. Pre-flood. But now, anything messy out there? Not mine. It's either Mama's or Daddy's. Hahaha!!

Anyway, there. My little stitchy set-up. I like small cozy places. I'm like a mouse that way. Holing up in my little corner.


weustygirl said...

Lovely, it looks so comfey and cosy. Good job on rescuing your cabinet, we have my husbands china cabinet that came over with her from the Netherlands, it is very cherished. Thanks for sharing your space with us, oh and I love the chair

SoCal Debbie said...

That looks comfy! I sit on the couch with my feet on a footstool in front of me, but I would love to have a recliner chair with a footrest!

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

I wish I had room for a chair! LOL! BUt then again, I think I'd still curl my feet up under me, sit cross legged so it defeats the purpose. I'm very happy with my "bed couch" thing. (I have no idea what to call it. The guy at the store called it a huggie. I mean "whaaat?"