Try and Try until you DYE

I tried. I had an afternoon free so I decided to play. We have a limited selection of powder dye here in the Philippines. The brand I have is VENUS. And I ran out of pink. So... with what I have: Black, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Violet and Yellow Green... I decided to have a go at DYEing.

For the sake of this blog post, I'll put names on them, just so it's easy to point them out or comment on them. I have no idea yet what patterns to use on them or if I'll ever end up using them but it's a good enough try for now.


Yellow Giraffe

Field of Sunflowers

Peaceful Meadow



Wannabe Marquis

I think I just saved myself a couple of dollars by coloring these myself. What do you think?


Melissa Martinez said...

They came out pretty. I really like the dementor one, as it looks kind of gothic looking.

SoCal Debbie said...

What a wonderful job you did! You're an inspiration!