ORT UPDATE: Jan 2012

Here's ORT! :D Update for my TUSAL jar (and my update on my Chess Match at the same time).

Ort Jar is nice and fed. No ulcers for this guy. Hehehe. What I did notice though is there are hardly any threads left to feed him with my 28ct project. I end up using up to the last inch or so of the thread on my needle. So I guess Ort's on a diet...

... I should be too. Sigh... I noticed in our pictures that I'm errr... more huggable now than my Panda. That cannot be. I must lose some inches before I see him in 2 weeks. Gulp!

(**Haaaalp me diet fairies. I know you're out there. Please leave the super models and come to me for a bit.)


The holidays screwed with my stitching schedule. Dagnabbit. But I'm actually not complaining. I've had my Panda with me since Dec 18. We've been going out a lot... having dinners, shopping and I usually go home late. Too sleepy and tired to stitch. He finally went home yesterday. Sigh...no more Panda... I'm gonna miss holding his hand and getting my bear hugs. But!!! I get to see him in 2 weeks!!! Yeeha! It'll be my turn to travel to Sing to see him. :)

In lieu of stitching, I did start on my bobbin winding. Since my Panda gave me a little less than 300 threads for Christmas, I've got a lot of bobbins to wind. I do a few at a time now at night, just before I pass out. I'm not in a hurry to finish "BOBBINIZING". It'll fill in the nights when I'm either to sleepy or lazy to stitch.

But now, since I can't stitch much, I'm happily surfing other peoples blogs or looking at the folks doing the Crazy Challenge. :) I'm actually finding new patterns I want to stitch!!

I'll hunt them down. Slowly. That's the problem with living here... only a limited number of selections to choose from. Thank heavens for online shopping!!

So far... I'm slowly building up my HAED collection... I wonder when I'll EVER have a chance of stitching them. LOL! As it is, I've started my first HAED but I've been hoarding patterns for quite awhile.

I do have to admit... I have this uber lovely beige 25ct lugana that I'm so tempted to start making into the FLYING SWANS STORYKEEP.... sigh... must avoid temptation. Focus... I need to focus on the Chess Match.

(I have to confess...it's confetti heavy and it's driving me nuts. And I'm just on the tops of the trees!!!)

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