Me Crazy for your Crazy.

So many new patterns! Every bloody cross stitch group on facebook has been posting their Crazy 15 (or 31) patterns and I've been drooling. Just like a vamp in front of red cross.

Sigh... as much as I want to take the bit and go ahead and start another project, I know I shouldn't. I NEED to focus on my HAED or my Fairy Idyll first. I wish I was like the others who have gotten the hang of rotating their patterns or those who stitch fast that they can actually finish a project per month. But I'm not like that. At least...not yet. MAYBE I can in future. But right now, it's beyond my capabilities.

BUT!!! I do have an update. :) On my haed at least. I can now see trees and part of a pillar. :)
Halleluyah! I've graduated from white. (at least on THIS page) (The next page has MORE sky...shucks). Just a couple of days more and I'll actually finish page 1!! WOOHOO!!

Can I just say... I LOVE TENTING! I may never go back to full stitches ever again. :D Tenting has spoiled me for life.

My only problem is ... 22, 25 or 28ct cloth is almost near impossible to find here in the Phil. I may have to grab mine from Singapore. Good thing my panda loves spoiling me with stitchy goodies. :D WHEEEEEEE!!!

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SoCal Debbie said...

Wow! You have gotten a lot done! I'm going to start my HAED later today and also use tent stitches. I'm one of those Crazies with 31 (60) projects planned. Silly me. Happy Stitching New Year!