Fairy Idyll not idle

Yes. My room is tiny. And yes, I like little baubles. :)

Anyway, my eyes have been feeling tired after squinting so much with my 28ct HAED pattern but I still wanted to stitch and so... out came my Fairy Idyll. Idle no more (for the moment).

I decided to make use of the floor stand as my qsnap is being used for my HAED (at least until I get to the 2nd row of pages). Can I just say, I love it!!! :D

The floor stand makes stitching fun. I realized the reason why I didn't like stitching my haed on it is because of the 28 ct. It's too small. And page one is far up on the left side... making my eyes and arms strain. Regardless of my using my magnifiers. I'll put my HAED on this once I get used to it using my Fairy Idyll AND... once I have more rows of pages stitched so my arms don't have to stretch that much.

I've set up my stand at the end of my bed. So.. I have my table (with my laptop on my left and my floor stand on my right. I can switch from one to the other easily. And playing audiobooks work very very well. I don't have to keep looking up at the screen.

Methinks I shalt finish another page on this one first before I go back to my HAED.

Is this rotating? Taking turns between two patterns? What-do-you-know.... I'm doing rotation! Ha! Improving again. Tee-hee.

Oh and... this is the floor stand my sis got me from Korea. :) It can convert into a lap frame...and I have shorter bars in readiness if I want them. Plus.. if you notice that I have two...errr...three lamps, let me explain. The one with the elbow stand is my lamp for stiching and the two identical ones on top were for my toy photography light box. But... I decided to make use of them now. The more light the better for my eyes.

Hmm... looking at the picture, I should get better clamps for my patterns.. it doesn't look nice if I use clothespins... (vanity of the stitcher coming out). Oh well, great excuse to go shopping in our local bookstore.

I'm an OC stitcher. *shrugs*. Sue me.

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beawang said...

I have the exact same stand frame from Yeidam. It really is hard to use if you're working from the top left corner. Enjoy though!