Frustrating Day

Early sunday morning, I bugged my Dad to join me as I tried assembling my new floor stand/lap frame. We were done with making it into a lapframe within an hour... it took a bit longer because one piece of hardware "lost it's thread" (how ironic... that it's to tighten a screw for a cross stitch frame).

Pounds trying to help open the box by nibbling on it. (Yes, he's smaller than a purse and him being 6years old).

My Dad helping me make sense of the chinese directions.

Anyway, after it was done, I proudly marched it into my room, placed it on my bed, ready to gloat and take pics of it only to find out it didn't fit my fabbie. It was too small. Sigh. Good thing we also ordered the extender bars for it. So... even without my Dad (who had parked his butt back in front of the TV), I went and started converting it from a small to a large lap frame. That's when I found out that it took up more than half of my little single bed.

Nuh-uh. This can't be. So I decided to turn it into a stand frame instead. This meant I had to rearrange furniture in my room. First I had to build it into the stand frame...then push furniture around.

After almost more than an hour of doing this, I had it standing proudly at the end of my bed ( I still will be stitching on my bed... with me sitting at the edge). I placed my fabbie on it only to find out: 1) It will kill my back to do this, 2) It will kill my arms to stitch the upper left (I'm on page 1), 3) I can barely see my 28ct at this range.

So off the stand my fabbie went and into a hoop. I realized a 4" hoop is enough for one page. I stitched on this for awhile until I gave up and placed my fabbie back on my Q-snap. Methinks I shalt go back to the floor stand once I have an entire row or two finished so my arms don't have to stretch that much. AND once I have a bear hug pillow. (It's the pillow that look likes the upper half of the sofa so it can support my back).

Basically, my entire Sunday was a trial and error. Sigh. What a waste of stitching time.
Also... I just realized I didn't snap a shot of it while it was in lap frame mode. And I'm too irritated with it to take a pic of it in floor stand mode right now. Maybe later....

I want something like this. So my back has support while I stitch in bed.

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