This is my Dollar. :) My lovable, sweet, happy Chihuahua. Who sleeps on my bed. Keeps me company while I stitch. He never sits, meddles or touches my cloth or thread. :D He's the perfect stitching companion (other than my Panda who's usually on SKYPE with me as I stitch).

We have another dog, Pounds, who belongs to my mum and sleeps with them in their room. We also have cats... Harvard and Eton, Shrek and Stitch (They're identical twins! Though one is now fatter than the other), Rum, Memeh (because she doesn't meow..she says "meh"), Pauly and Smithy (after my favorite brand of bags Paul Smith), Speedy (because he moves like speedy gonzales) and Chaplin. That's 10 cats in total.

Plus 2 yellow lovebirds named Disney and Pixar who live in a cage in my room. Whose cage by the way is WAAAAY pimped out. Yeah! Uh-huh! :D I keep waiting for them to lay eggs and multiply but... I think my mum got me two boys. Shucks. Should've named them Bert and Ernie then...but oh well... Disney and Pixar they remain.

Thought since a lot of you post pics of pets, I might as well include our own little zoo. But Dollar is my main man. I call him Babah. Coz he's my baby. :D

Oh and he's saying "ARFY NEW YEAR!" in this picture as I took it a little past midnight on new year's eve. :D

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SoCal Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing about all of your pets! I will look forward to seeing pics here and there, mixed in with your cross stitching updates! I have 2 big dogs and 3 cats.