OCD-ing on Bobbinizing.

Here you  go... another 'photo' blog.  Some have been curious on how to get a little bit more organized in their stitchy stuff. I'm just sharing my ideas and the tips I learnt from other stitchperts. Hope it helps! 

Materials needed: Your thread skein, a bobbin (plastic or paper) (I prefer nice white ones so the colors pop and they look neater) and scissors. Optional: a nice show on your tv or laptop to watch while you BOBBINIZE.

Remove the number label. 

(take note: only remove ONE label from a skein at a time. It'd be disastrous if you suddenly went trigger happy and removed all of them....now how would you figure out which number goes with what thread?!?)

(hey...bizaare things have been known to happen)

Cut out the number part.

See? Simple, right? Now you can stick with this... OR... go a little step beyond....

... I like going a step beyond by cutting out the back so it'll flatten better....

Tada! Still with me so far?

Now take your scotch tape and stick it on to your bobbin.
(I like having the holes on the right side... and I do this for all the bobbins so they're uniform).

Then wrap the tape towards the back to secure the number on the bobbin.

Now for the thread... I like pre-cutting the entire skein into manageable lengths... 
Before, I would just wind the entire thing wholly but then I got a tip from my stitchpert friends Yeya and Honey to cut them already in the desired length.... so it'd be easier to get and you maximize the entire skein.

This is my ideal length... wind the thread from the top of your finger...around your elbow and back up.
(sorry, it's hard to take a picture with just one hand and be able to bend my elbow and arm in such a way I don't get seen)(I just woke up--literally)

There... precut threads in the ideal length.

Wind each thread one at a time around the bobbin like so...

Continue doing it one segment at a time....

... keep winding until you finish the entire bobbin. This way, whenever you need to use this color... all you have to do is just get the thread (it's already precut) and use that. If you don't get to finish that particular section, you can wind the leftovers back easily.  Therefor maximizing the entire skein 

Look at how nice and neat everything is. 

Hope it helped! 


megan_bright said...

Wow this is intense! Lol I hadn't thought to tape the label onto the bobbin; may have to try that! I've been enlisting my husband in bobbinating lately, so maybe I can make/ask him to do it haha

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of cutting the number and taping to the bobbin. Don't think I'll be cutting my threads though. :)