Desperation can make you grasp at anything.

Ok, there's an ongoing topic in one of my facebook groups. They're all agog about a current Cross Stitch Crazy magazine being sold on ebay... it's now up to 24 quid.

So far, I've seen them call the bidders "SILLY", "LAZY", "HAVE MORE MONEY THAN COMMON SENSE", "NOT IN THEIR RIGHT MIND".

Sorry, but I'm offended for whoever is bidding for it.

It's not me. The magazines arrive 1 month later in singapore so my lovey Panda has been going to the bookstore every weekend waiting for them. He knows his assignment well. (thank you lovey)

Still, going back to my original topic...

I tried butting in and explaining... MAYBE the bidders are from other towns/countries who can't get the magazine and don't know HOW to order it from the publisher. Heck, until I had the facebook groups, I might've been one of those bidding for it. As it is, now I know better. I look for bargains and I know who to contact if I need patterns. But the poor souls who are bidding... they don't know they're being laughed at.

It's just not right.
People judge right away without knowing facts.

Someone was quick to judge the seller for being mean and selfish because the price is now at 24... not knowing it started at 99pence.

They start calling people lazy saying they can just get the mag from a bookstand... as I said, what if there's none wherever they're from? What if they don't know how to order from the publisher? They called them silly... that they have more money than sense.

I'm an ebay-er. My collection got BUILT from trading and buying from ebay.
On behalf of the bidders, whoever they are, all I can say is this:

If they want to plunk down 100 quid on it, let them. It's their choice. It's their money.
Stop calling them names.

I've normally found this particular facebook group a joy to enter. But not for this week. Until that thread is buried... I won't be entering that group anymore.

There are now a handful of groups I refuse to enter... because of all the drama. Copyright infringement this.... scammer that.... now, in a once peaceful and happy group, they're laughing at some ebay-ers.

It's called being in a CLIQUE.

Just because you know ALL about things, doesn't mean everyone else does.
Give people some slack. If they want to spend their money on things that you know YOU can get cheaper doesn't mean they know how or where to get them from.

That being said, this particular happy ebay-er settles down to breakfast.
What a way to start the day. Instead of patterns, I saw name calling.



Xeihua (Sara) said...

Couldn't have said it better... Unfortunately nowadays people are to quick in judging others and without stopping to think for 5 minutes, especially on the Internet were everything is "so fast" and people tend to forget that the other isn't just a few block but might be a continent or 2 apart... and things might not be as easy to get as they think... I must confess I did that sometimes in the past :(... now I've learned to be better and to not to do that... I hope that group stops with that thread soon so that you can go back and enjoy the good bits of it :D

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

Thanks Sara. I hope so too.