E@K Meet # 2!!

Other than online, who'd have thought we'd find a group of people we'd love to hang out with that loves stitching the same way we do? We got lucky. This is our second monthly E@K Meet and the fun just continues!!

As usual, we had a potluck. Philippines yummies this time around.

We decided on doing a fun exchange gift. 
Anything stitchy related that has a minimum worth of 100 pesos (3-4usd).
And with the help of our DMC staff and personnel.... we went nuts and went back to being kids again!

Here's My Panda's elder sister (who happens to love stitching too) checking out her stitchy goodies from the exchange gift game. 

Mamila showing off a SAP of her daughter. 

Princess holding up her Lavender & Lace finished project. 

This is Honey. One of our stitchperts who has the patience to teach anybody who asks.
Not just sweet... but sexy too! 

This months gang going nuts!

Dicky and I doing a trade-off.
It's really really hard to find books or patterns here (that's not from our local DMC store). So he and I really scour booksales for preloved ones or we get them from other sources like online shopping or trading with other stitchers in other countries. This time, we just switched books. He had two Vanessa Ann's and I had 2 of the Beautiful Cross Stitch. Perfect Trade! 

Just to show that the E@K Meets have purpose.
See the improvement in Mamila's work. 
Previously, all her project "backs" would look like the one on the left.
Yup. The colors are sometimes more vibrant in the back than the front because she'd use up so much thread. This time... after Honey taught her last month to tuck-away her back... look at how neat (and how much thread she's saved) it's become. 

We're so proud of you Mamila!

'til next months E@K Meet!! 
This time, our 'exchange' gift has to be something we made. 
So get ready to stitch up some bookmarks, keychains or small kits!! We have just 3 weeks to finish them!

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Xeihua (Sara) said...

Glad to hear the 2nd meeting was great :D... It's always so good when you have more people to share the same interest as you especially when you can actually meet them for a stitching day :D