Latest Job: Hobbes

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
This is my latest project. Making this for my Panda for his birthday...but due to an unfortunate fall, I sprained my wrist and wasn't able to finish it in time for his birthday. I'm still doggedly trying to finish it. The brace has been off a couple of days and I'm trying to zoom as fast as I can but with utmost care to railroad and tuckaway my back.
No... I haven't finished my other WIP's but this one is close to being finished... making this my first for 2012. Rawr!!! Yeah!!!
Give me a week more and it'll be done! Woohoo!

I've had people ask me where to buy the pattern and if I'd sell it after I'm done with it. I actually converted a comic strip into a pattern... but I don't think I can sell it. Copyright belongs to Calvin and Hobbes' maker. I just wanted to make it as a gift for my Panda who loves them. 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing him come alive little by little :)

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Cleejoow said...

that is sooooo cute... what a great idea to create your own chart from a comic book... that way you can make it as big as you want...