My little group of stitchy friends and I have gotten into the habit of celebrating our birthdays at our local DMC store. (yes, they lovingly let us and we in turn lovingly support them 100%).

Last June was my turn...and given how I love to have fun, I had party hats, loot bags, kiddie tablecloths... and we potlucked ourselves full. 

The Little Mermaid design was in honor of the Mermaid SAL that is ongoing... the Looney Tunes in honor of the latest series that DMC has launched here... every little thing had a meaning. And it was so much fun!

Ofcourse, it wasn't just food... we brought our stitchy stuff to show and share. No get-together is complete without some form of "okrayan". (**okrayan- critiquing). 

But it's all done in good faith. :) End goal being us laughing and our stitching improving. 

Here are some pictures to show you the fun we had during my birthday. And no... I'm not 12 (though the hats may say otherwise). Multiply that by 3 and you'd roughly get to my age. LOL!
This is Yeya, one of my stitchpert teachers 

Nina, our resident Lizzie Kate fan 

I had two cakes that afternoon. Oh and by the way, that's Rene's famous spaghetti. It's TO-DIE-FOR.

Group shot!

Their gift to me. Stitched by Honey, beaded by Yeya, framed by Rene and all around supported by the rest. I'm treasuring this forever!!!

Cake from Angel. Thanks Gel!

Loot bags filled with either beads, patterns, thread heaven, tiny hoops, invisible thread for  beading, fabric.... I prepared a month in advance and shopped for this party :D

This is HONEY. One of the stitchperts. She taught me how to TUCK AWAY and generally is my stitching mentor. :)

Kathie, my stash shopping buddy. 

Mega Stitchpert Rene. Who stitches majority of the DMC patterns for their displays etc.  He's done this LAST SUPPER at least 3 or 4 times... 

Look at how NEAT his back is.

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