E@K! We meet!!


What: A local stitching group composed of filipinos from all over the metro (and beyond)
Where: Meets at the DMC shop in Megamall
When: every 4th saturday of the month.
Goal: To help spread the love of cross stitching.

Fact: This was our FIRST meeting and it was a success!!! :D
My favorite shot of the day. We call this the "YOUNG ONE and the ONCE YOUNG"
It just shows that the love of cross stitching is for everyone. Little Nina is 8 and Mamila is 63. Both proud and happy members of our local stitching club Ekis@Karayom.

Of course, as always, what stitchy get-together would be complete without food? We had a massive potluck resulting in a fiesta... it was such a big spread, people kept going back for seconds, thirds, fourths... (I know I went back for Rene's spaghetti at "least" 4 times).

Nothing cements bonding better than food. And after the food... it's free for all. People overcame their shyness and asked the stitchperts to show them the how-tos of cross stitching. Little circles, group sessions were made on the spot. 

Basically, it was a riot. A fun, happy riot where people not only learned new tricks but built friendships. I've heard people say they can't wait for next months E@K Meet.  

Here are some pictures of what went down that day. Just to give you an idea of what we plan to do.

Everyone is listening in on Honey as she gives an impromptu tutorial. 

One on one tutorial.

Tutorial by Honey.
 Big or small, it doesn't matter what size you're project is... we appreciate each one.
But be ready... the first thing people usually do is FLIP IT to check out the back. Hence the tutorials.... everyone wants to know how to do a neat back.

Check out Honey's SAP order. (stitch-a-picture)

And look at her back!

Rene's WIP of Amorsolo's Waling-Waling.

Little Nina and her mum Jen. Love of stitching gets passed on from one generation to the next. 

Meet two of the friendliest shopkeepers ever. DMC's Rose and Jean. 

Little Nina getting a tutorial from Big Nina

Some had already left by the time we got this picture going... but it was a full fun day.

One of the members, Tet, couldn't make it and sent over brownies and butterscotch bars (yum!). The fun part, she sent a note and decorated each bar with an X. That's 36 bars!!

Trix showing off one of her WIPs

Checking out the back of Mickey Mouse.

Honey teaching the very basics
Tutorial session with Honey.
Honey starting off with the basics, the right length of thread.

The Panda and Panda-girl.
No, he doesn't stitch. But he's fully supportive and that's what counts. 

What is E@K for?
We want to spread the love for cross stitching and OOMPH up the skill level of each one.
And basically, to find friends who enjoy the same thing as we do. :)


Anonymous said...

What city is this held?

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

Hi Needles.... it's in Manila, Philippines.