Pin Stitch start, Rail Roading and Tuck Away backs

Here's another way to start off your projects... in a previous blog I showed how to do LOOP STARTS.
Here, I'm going to show how to start with a PIN STITCH. This is useful for those that use floor stands/frames... plus it helps make the backs clean and neat. 

At the same time, I also took pics to show how to do RAILROAD STITCHING. This helps keeping your X's nice and full. :) Helps the threads not to twist into a single one (which makes your X's look thin and your fabby shows). This way, your threads lay down nicer. Sorta like a 'laying tool' style.

Lastly, I tucked away the back just to show you it's possible to have a really neat way to end. Again, I'm one of those who believes that it's not needed to be super duper neat in the back if you're going to frame it...but this may work best for bookmarks or gifts where the back can be seen. 

Hope the pics make sense :)

** before I forget, just wanted to thank my friend YEYA ALBANO who taught me how to do the PIN STITCH. :) Honor and glory of this blog goes to you. (and Honey who taught me how to tuck away at the back). :)

Start off with a nice length of thread. (Ideal length is from wrist to elbow).

How to start with a PIN STITCH: insert the needle through the middle of the square. (I repeat, in the MIDDLE of the square. Not through the holes. But through the middle).

Pull out your needle all the way... but leave a little tail behind.

THIS is what that tail should look like.

Then reinsert your needle through ALMOST through the same hole. I say almost but you should put the needle through, leaving ONE (1) thread in between the original poke-through hole. (if you look at the picture, you can see a small thread in between the in and out area).

See the thread in between? 

This is what the back looks like at this point...

Can you see the small green dot in the middle of the square? That's your PIN STITCH. You can start  stitching normal now :)

Your tail is still dangling in the back.

Stitch normal...

Next picture will show you how to railroad....

Going back to make the "X", insert your needle through the two threads.  (it helps that when you help the thread by pulling it up to the upper left side--guiding the threads into place).

One railroad stitch done...

Do the next rail road stitch.

Keep doing it...

Continue doing it...

This is the BACK.

Snip the tail close to the cloth.

Top part shows railroading... Lower part has no rail roading. See the difference? Very  miniscule but the top part (railroading) is FULLER.

Starting TUCK AWAY BACK. Insert through the vertical strands...

Next area... tuck away into the nearest vertical threads possible...

Do 3 tuck aways to anchor your thread...
Ta-da! Neat back. Pin start, Tuck away back.

Hope this helps!! :D

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SoCal Debbie said...

Such a beautiful tutorial, Margaret! Thanks so much for the fantastic photos!