Just in case you want to help...

A group of filipinos have gathered together to stitch for a cause. That being the PHILIPPINE SOCIETY FOR ORPHAN DISORDERS.

Our idea was for us to stitch christmas ornaments, collect them all, then donate them to Dr. Lynn Silao who is one of the heads for the PSOD. They in turn will offer the ornaments to auction or sell off, just to help raise funds and awareness.

Then the idea morphed to more than christmas ornaments...some might want to donate bigger stitched up projects. Any would be accepted so long as they think it's "sale"-able.

In case you do, maybe you can help pool donations on your side of the world, then send them to me by the deadline.

Our time frame goes like this:
Stitch from now until Oct.
Gather and collect all the projects by the first 2 weeks of November.
Turn over our stitchy stuff by the 3rd week of November to PSOD Dr. Lynn Silao.

If you want to organize and help, just keep in mind the projects have to be here in the Philippines by the first 2 weeks of November OR if you want to just donate funds, just send me a message and I'll help you coordinate with Dr. Lynn.

Stitching is fun. Therapeutic. But it's more meaningful when we can help.


Cris and Crafts said...

Hi, Love your blog! I think that iniciative is great, I would love to participate, and I will post on my blog a link to your's if that's ok. I'll try to reunite as many things as I can and in October I'll ask for you address and send them to you, would that be ok?

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

Totally and absolutely ok. :) Thank you :D

Diane said...

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