Here's my set up. I just recently got a nice magnifying glass that clamps on my frame as well as a magnifier bar. Still, as much as I liked using the clamp, I need to shake things up a bit. I wanted to share with you a detailed description of how I did it...just so I can possible help those who feel challenged about doing stuff like this. :) 

The stitching world is not that big... every little tip helps.

Here are my materials:

A white board (that magnets are attracted to. There must be tin/metal core in it).

Lots of little round magnets from the local 2 cent store (here, we call them DAISO or JAPAN HOME STORES).

Double Sided Tape. (I prefer 3D...they're more sturdy).

Super Glue.  Might Bond or Epoxy would work as well.
Took off all the patterns and clips.

The Sponge pin cushion is screwed into the board. Time to unscrew the sucker. 

The back of the whiteboard had magnets at the corners. They're weak, so off they go. 

Turns out the magnets came with this little round tin things. Hmm... I'll make use of them.

Decided to double-sided tape the round things onto the board. This way, if I don't like to use the whiteboard anymore, I can just pull it off. 

Stuck magnets to the back that will 'stick' to the tin round things stuck on my wooden board.

TA-DA!! Instantly extends my board. :)

This is what it looks like on the back.

I had a pincushion with a wooden base that I double-sided taped to the edge of the board. I moved it 3/4 off the board to create more space. See...it extends to the side. 

Close up of my pincushion that I used to extend my board.

Side view of my magnifier bar. 

See? It works. Makes tiny letters bigger.  Now how to stick it on my board without it falling off?

Magnets!!! I stuck tiny magnets underneath...all around the edges. 

Special thanks to Michelle Almendras who gave me the inspiration to do this. :) I modified things but the original tip about magnets came from you. :) THANKS!!!

Hope this helps some of you! :D


Unknown said...

Good going, My Darling Panda-girl :)

Laurie "Cleaning Machine" Battles said...

Wonderful. I will be coming back here!