My Stitchy Haul

Two binders full of original Mirabilia, HAEDs and other patterns bought from EBAY USA. Bid and won them last year and they finally arrived via my uncle!!! Woohoo!! I struck GOLD!! There are at least 4 original lavender&lace patterns and some HAEDs in here! I wonder why they sold it? It was for a charity thing.

Magnifiers. One clamp type for watching my stitching and one "bar" type to enlarge my patterns. I plan on putting magnets under it to 'stick' to the board on my floor stand (which I'll stick magnets to too).

9 pre-cut aida cloths, 4 aida ribbon bands, 2 spools nylon thread, 1 modern look stork scissor, 1 washable pencil for dark fabbies, 1 magnetic needle case, 1 sliding ruler, and 2 pattern kits (the Lord's prayer and The Lord is my shepherd).

1 fabric scissors, 1 pin cushion with wooden base (that I intend to stick to my floor stand board).

Trimming for my future xmas ornaments. It already has a sparkly bead attached to it!!

Christmas text cloths for the backing of my future ornaments. :)

I spent the past 4 days in singapore hunting down and going on a treasure hunt. And these were my finds. :)

I just thank God I have an understanding boyfriend who patiently brings me to the hole-in-the-wall places and waits as I go berserk amongst the shelves, diving into baskets and digging into bolts of cloth.

(** Thank you lovey for my magnifier bar **).

Ok, I think this is enough stitchy-shopping and collecting for now... I must buckle down and do some stitching.  :)

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SoCal Debbie said...

What a wonderful stitchy haul! Good for you!!